Tuesday, 12 May 2015

I’ve skipped a couple of posts within the last week so todays journal entry is going to be covering a bit more ground than just what I was playing around with today. Last Thursday I got I really got stuck into the concept I mentioned in the last journal entry about using knockout components to decouple panes in a wizard, what resulted from that was wizard.composition repository which was a decent first cut and then I spent part of the weekend tidying up the code. I’m planning on writing a blog post explaining the patterns I used to accomplish this later in the week.

I also spent part of the weekend tinkering with this site, which you may have noticed particularly if you are reading this on a desktop computer. On browsers of a sufficient size I have decreased the width of the area that the text inhabits, hopefully this makes things a bit easier to read on larger screens. Another thing that I got working was syntax highlighting of code blocks, which I have to admit probably made me happier than it should have.

This evening I spent a chunk of time working on Knockout-SinglePage implementing how route matching works, for the first cut I’ve decided to use regular expressions to do the heavy lifting. Unlike my previous attempt this version supports route parameters and parsing of the query string, I’m quite chuffed with it at the moment. Next for this project is to write up some demos of it working as both with and without requirejs try and work around a bit of nasty issue I’ve found with links which have a click binding on them and implement some hooks for developers to integrate with. All going to plan I’m looking at making a release within the next week if life doesn’t get in the way.