Sunday, 03 May 2015

Took a bit of a break from the side project that I’ve been working on recently to revisit a concept I had previously been playing around with - a single page application extension for Knockout. The previous attempt was called Knockout.Router unfortunately between the last time I worked on it and now someone has already setup their extension with the same name on bower something that I was hoping to do with this extension. With that in mind I decided to change the name to Knockout-SinglePage and rewrite it in CoffeeScript. This time I am hoping to implement it the “proper” way writing a test suite and setting up continuous integration I haven’t made the progress that I was hoping for this weekend, however I think the quality of the work is definitely higher than what it was in my last attempt.

Recently I have also been playing around with the concept of using knockout components and events in wizards to produce decoupled re-usable panes. This was something that I did at work over a year ago (not using components or events) and I was never completely satisfied with the solution that I came up with, so after it bugging me for a while I decided to take another crack at it. Once I have something up and running nicely I will probably put an article together about it.