Adventures with CommonMark


It’s no secret that I am a fan of markdown I think it is a great way to write for the internet, in fact most of the content on this site is powered by it. I was also quite excited when Jeff Atwood and others announced CommonMark I like the idea that the content I write in my preferred editor (MarkdownPad 2 in this case) will look the same when I post it here or up on GitHub.

Recently I’ve been working on a new project which uses CommonMark quite heavily for it’s content as part of it I had started building some utilities around CommonMark. This weekend I decided to take a break from the side project and instead extract some of those utilities out into their own independent libraries.


The first of these libraries is Knockout.CommonMark provides Knockout bindings for CommonMark which allows knockout developers to do:

<div data-bind="commonmark: text"></div>

The contents of text will be parsed as CommonMark markdown and rendered as HTML, as far as knockout bindings go I think this one is pretty simple the heart of it is the following method.

function(ko, commonmark) {
	var reader = commonmark.DocParser();
	var writer = commonmark.HtmlRenderer();

	var convert = function (element, valueAccessor) {
		var accessor = valueAccessor();
		var actual = typeof accessor === 'function' ? accessor() : accessor;

		element.innerHTML = actual ? writer.render(reader.parse(actual)) : '';

	ko.bindingHandlers.commonmark = { init: convert, update: convert };

The rest is just how this plugin is exposed either via an AMD module or by loading it into the global scope, using the method I wrote about in this earlier post.


The other library I want to mention today is CommonMark.Editor a bootstrap based CommonMark editor which is loosely inspired by the Github markdown editor. This library is a jQuery plugin which is currently only exposed as an AMD module, once you have all the setup for the library done invoking looks like

		<link rel="stylesheet" href="" />
		<div class="container">
			<div class="page-header">
				<h1>CommonMark Editor</h1>

			<div id="editor"></div>

		<script src=""></script>
			require([ 'jquery', 'commonmark.editor' ], function ($) {
				var editor = $('#editor').commonMarkEditor();

The basics of the editor works however it is not yet as feature complete as I would like it, when I started moving this out into it’s own library I realised I wasn’t very happy with my original implementation and decided to scrap it and start from sratch. I want to add the following to it in the near future:

  • Knockout binding.
  • Programmatically setting/getting the content of the editor.