On the off chance you haven’t guessed based on the content of this site so far I’m a coder, what you might not realise is that I hail from the little slice of paradise that is Te Awamutu, New Zealand where I live with my wife and two boys. Currently I’m a Senior Solutions Architect, the Acting Head of Architecture & Strategy, Solutions Architect, Senior Software Developer, Software Developer at LIC building systems and devilvering value for our staff and New Zealand dairy farmers. Previously I’ve worked as a developer at Torpedo7, LayerX and The Nile primarily doing web stuff in a variety of different technologies. If you want to know more about my professional life I would suggest checking out my linkedIn profile.

In my spare time I’m one of those oddities that codes to relax as long as it isn’t work related, as such my hard drive (and GitHub profile) is littered with half finished projects. Outside of coding I like to think of myself as your average geek who enjoys tv, movies, novels (both graphic and prose), computer and board games. I’m also a fan of rugby having played the game from when I was a we nipper until my mid-twenties. While no longer playing I still enjoy watching, following my regional team the Chiefs and the national team the All Blacks. Recently I’ve discovered the joy of homebrewing and I’m currently at the beginning of the journey from kit brews to all grain brewing.

The site

This site is generated using Jekyll and is hosted using GitHub pages, so if you find a spelling mistake or grammatical error feel free to send a pull request The design of the site is my own, however it is inspired by the theme used at haacked.com which at the time of writing was based on the Greyshade theme. The social icons used on this site are Flat Minimalistic Social Icons by Lee Gargano.